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Whole Food Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Our whole food supplementation provides nutritional support for the whole body in its most useable natural form. No synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or GMOs!

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Why is there so much confusion surrounding health & nutrition?

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements touting about their “latest research”. This makes it increasingly more difficult to make informed decisions. At one point they tell us don’t eat butter, eat margarine instead. Twenty years (and countless heart attacks) later we are finally told margarine contains trans fats and it is very dangerous to our health. We are told not to eat eggs because they cause cholesterol issues, but years later we are told they are beneficial. So we find ourselves running from one direction to another unsure of the long term effects of our choices.

Lose weight & keep it off the healthy way

There has been a long time misconception about being overweight. A common belief has been if we increase our activity level and reduce calorie intake then a well-fit body will inevitably appear. We are not machines! People are complex, living, breathing, emotional and spiritual beings. There’s a multitude of biological factors that interfere with weight loss. When the body is not functioning properly, signs and symptoms appear. At Nature’s Healthway we seek to correct these imbalances, and tailor natural therapies to restore and improve bodily functions. Gradually as you adopt a healthier lifestyle and begin giving the body what it needs, the weight comes off and stays off naturally.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” —Hippocrates

Suffering with chronic illness?

We educate our clients on the importance of fueling the body with the essential nutrients it needs to prevent and restore cellular damage which can lead to better quality of life, and freedom from the confinement of many debilitating conditions. We raise awareness about toxin exposure and the important role detoxification plays in the maintenance of our wellbeing. While many people are becoming enlightened about the need for healthy changes, some are left confused by the endless promotions on this “fabulous” diet or that “miracle” vitamin, and others are simply overwhelmed by the thought of change. We eliminate the confusion by structuring personalized health-building plans for you. Guiding each client through the process one healthy step at a time as they take responsibility for their own health.

Quit Smoking the Natural Way!

Smoking is an addition so you can’t stop successfully by replacing one drug with another. Traditional nicotine replacement therapy methods only continue this addictive cycle. We can help people quit smoking permanently, the easy natural way. Call us today for more information!

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